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June 29, 2019 2 min read...let's do it!

Luna & Rose Podcasts we're loving right now

I'm a big fan of Podcasts... maybe it's due to my slightly obsessive compulsive attachment to my business that I'm always looking to get inspired, learn, grow... be a better human! But you'll more often than not find me with ear plugs in and bopping to the beat of...yes, a new Podcast. Below are my favourite 5 that I have been digging these past few months.... There is plenty more goodies where these came from so I will write another post soon with some more! To get you started....


This is an easy to listen to and inspiring Podcast where Designer / Marketing guru Jaharn Quinn interviews those who have started businesses and are doing great things in their industries. It's a raw look into HOW to start a business, the real struggles people have gone through and a true look into their business. No fluffy stuff just pure honest awesome hustling humans. For anyone interested in starting their own business in any field, Your Creative Start is an awesome podcast to get inspired! 


Vogue Sustainability editor, Clare Press, digs deep on the topic of Fashion & Sustainability. A very interesting and addictive podcast that gets you thinking and her witty & charming interview style asks some of the fashion 'leaders' the tough questions. Demanding answers, seeking solutions and most importantly sharing the current crisis we are in. Best summed up by a review left on her podcast that 'Each episode you learn something new through a relaxed, flowing and informed conversation'. Download it NOW!


Ok this one isn't business related and it's kind of like a guilty pleasure... Or a car crash that you just can't stop investigation and learning more and more about! My obsession with crime investigations started a few years ago listening to the ever-popular SERIAL podcast (If you havn't yet listened to that, GO!) and then it's just developed from there...


Again, an absolute must for anyone interested in starting their own business. And more than that, an incredible and interesting look into how some of the biggest companies and brands we know today (Airbnb, Kate Spade and so many more!) on how they started and when it all started to take off. 


I know, I'm sure you're all already across it but for those who havn't yet heard about this hilariously awkward Podcast then skip to it my friends! It's a GREAT one for long road trips... the more you listen to, the deeper you get!

I would love to hear what you are listening to? Drop me and email HERE with your favourites so I can add them to my list! x 

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