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Product Care

Here at La Luna Rose we take pride and comfort in the fact that we produce only the best quality jewellery for our customers. Because every piece of La Luna Rose jewellery is handmade, it needs to be looked after carefully by its new loving owner. Please read the below Quality and Care instructions to ensure the longevity of your pieces, outstanding the length of time and into the next century!

• Always protect your jewellery from chemicals, sunlight, extreme heat/cold, abrasive surfaces and coming into contact with hard surfaces that can scratch the item. Try to store your jewellery in a soft lined box or pouch (Like the one we gave you with your purchase!) and try to keep pieces apart so they don't rub together.

• Clean your jewellery regularly, using a professional jewellery cleaning product. Always read the manufacturers instructions first and never apply this to the threaded or beaded area of your jewellery items.

• Never go swimming wearing your La Luna Rose pieces. Chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals as well as draining colour from the thread in some items. Best to pop them on the side of the pool or under your beach towel and swim free!

• Avoid wearing your jewellery while cleaning, gardening or doing hard heavy labour! Even household cleaning fluids has the ability to reduce the lustre of the metal. As much as we want you to show off your ‘jewels’, save them for afterwards where you can cherish showing them off in a more relaxing environment for the jewellery.

• Be aware of tarnish which may occur as a result of oxidation, caused by the interaction of silver jewellery with certain elements such as oxygen or sulphur as well as with certain acids.

• Always remove your pieces before showering and washing hands etc. This will ensure your pieces remain in tip top shape for the length of time. If your piece happens to get wet, be sure to thoroughly dry your jewellery after exposure to water.

However, due to life’s little niggles, often things out of our control can happen that may be detrimental to your piece of La Luna Rose. Because we care and realise this can sometimes get us down we offer a ‘nurture’ service for some of our pieces – namely our jewellery containing threaded sections.

If your item containing threading has come apart, lost some of its sparkly fresh colour or perhaps the thread has just had a couple of unfortunate run-ins with abrasive objects, drop us an email at and we will take you through the steps to get your piece back up and into perfection again. Prices for this service depend on the item but our Nuture service starts at $20. Drop us an email and we will help you through the process.


Our Essentials collection is all made from .925 sterling silver with some items plated in a thick layer of either 18kt gold or Rose Gold vermeil. These plated items require special attention and avoidance of all chemicals, salt water and harsh perfumes is recommended to ensure the longevity of your item. Taking good care of your item will ensure your special piece looks beautiful and shiny for as long as your adventures continue!