As I’m sure you know, we are HUGE fans of recycling and minimising waste across both our brand and well, general life! To produce all of the Luna & Rose collections we source recycled Sterling Silver that has been extracted from old electronics, phones and jewellery and then purified and brought back to it’s original perfect form - Shiny Sterling Silver.

You see my friend, unlike clothing, the raw materials that we work with to produce our jewellery collections never looses it's value or it's ability to be created with. Sterling Silver (And other precious metals) can constantly be kept in use and never need to end up in landfill - How awesome is that?

This means that all of our jewellery is currently produced in a completely closed loop meaning we have zero waste…. And we’re now asking you to join in the loop! Read on friends...


Jewellery that has lost its lustre? Perhaps it’s broken? Lost an earring? Ring no longer fits? Read on….

We are opening our post boxes to receive your old Sterling Silver (and solid Gold) jewels and in return, gifting you a voucher to use on our online store. 

By welcoming you to join in out closed loop production allows you guys, our lovely dedicated customers to recycle your pre-loved Silver or Gold jewels, in exchange for Luna & Rose store credit. The jewellery you wish to return to us can either be from Luna & Rose or from another jewellery brand, we don’t mind, we’re just stoked to be able to offer you a recycling option! However in order to be eligible for a store credit with us, the jewellery must be made from either solid sterling Silver or Solid gold which we will check upon receiving. 

But how does my killer Luna & Rose ring turn into something else you ask? I know… it confused me at first too. But through a lengthy process which our Silversmiths are extremely talented in, they will purify the silver out (Silver is always alloyed with another metal to strengthen it hence .925 means 92.5% silver and 7.5% another metal) which then becomes a base product to re-create new designs with. 

Still confused? You can watch a video on how we do this over here.


I know right. Now it's time to get on board & jump into the closed loop. Simply PRINT THIS FORM and return post it to us along with your jewellery pieces that you would like to recycled at the below address:

Luna & Rose

PO BOX 1416

Nelson 7010


**PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY ITEMS WITHOUT THIS FORM. No Store credits will be issued to items returned without this form.

Once we have received your package, we will be in touch with your store credit note. Please note that only Sterling Silver & Solid Gold pieces are valid for store credit. If the items you return are from another metal, we will gift these to local factories and no store credit will be issued. 

A good way to check if your items are made from Sterling Silver is to check for the .925 stamp on the jewellery. (Although this does not always guarantee this item is made from this material, especially if your item has been purchased from a non-verified store).

The store credit that you will receive is dependant on the item returned but an approximate value may be the below: 

A Ring: $20 Store Credit

A Necklace: From $30 Store Credit

Earrings: From $15-$30 Store Credit

Bracelet: From $15 Store Credit

While our Luna & Rose pieces are made to last the distance of time, and we hope that you will wear your jewels forever, by welcoming you to join our closed loop production gives you a fully sustainable way to be able to recycle pieces that are broken, lack-lustre, tarnished beyond repair and allows these pieces that no longer serve you to be re-created into brand new items.

Thank you for caring and cheers to sustainable choices! If you have any questions about our products of recycling initiative, please email us over here.