Hey, welcome to Luna & Rose. I’m Rosie, and you are awesome for coming on the Luna & Rose journey with me. The full story of how I started out is something I’ll need to share with you over numerous cold bevvies, so for now here’s a quick dip into how Luna & Rose came to be.

Hailing from the beautiful South Island city of Christchurch in New Zealand, I spent my University years in the deep dark depths of the Design rooms at Fashion School in Wellington learning and exploring all elements of the ‘Fashion’ industry. Confused about what it stood for and my position within this fashion world, I headed off overseas travelling for a couple of years to take a break and feel out what my career might look like. After an extended stay in Australia, a foray into the Aussie fashion industry, and a game show appearance (yes, really!), I decided it was time to manifest my own dream. I wanted to design and launch my own transparent and sustainable jewellery label - and so Luna & Rose was born!

So, I packed up my bags again, and headed north of Australia to the tropics to start on my mission: To design an accessories line that had connection with the makers and where our footprint on the planet was kept light. I strongly believe in ensuring all of our jewellery is produced in an ethical and sustainable fashion, and in forming great bonds with the wonderful creators who actually bring our designs to life (you can read more about them below!). It’s been an incredible journey so far; I’ve met so many beautiful individuals along the way, and been through a rollercoaster ride of highs, lows and everything in-between. And you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.

A self-proclaimed gypsy for life, I continue to move between New Zealand, Australia and Bali, and I look forward to meeting you throughout this journey. Make sure you join our tribe of Lunacitas and follow Luna & Rose on Social media to keep an eye on where and what happens next.

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Most days you can find me…. somewhere in Bali. Between supplier visits, Store hangs, office meetings, downward dogs, sinking coffees like nobody's business and Sunsets at the beach, it’s fair to say I’m a woman on the move. I don’t stay put in one place for too long and I make sure my days are full of a good mix of business & pleasure!

I am mostly known for... whipping up some mighty fine jewels and my repeat order of the Trio of Salads at my favourite Café in Bali. Oh, and my hectic stash of candy that is hidden somewhere in my home…

People often refer to me as… Rosie. Kiwi Rose. Rose. Rutz.

I love serving the world by... being a positive ambassador for sustainability driven design and transparent supply chains. I hope that this soon becomes industry standard. Why is there so much to hide?

The things that I am most passionate about in life are... my friends, my suppliers, sustainable production, international Candy (yep, like the lollies…), beautiful nature and a good LOL.

I create products for... Sun seekers across the globe who appreciate good quality and sustainably & ethically produced pieces for their wardrobe.

As a Designer... I’ve been featured within the pages of Frankie Magazine, RUSSH, GOOD magazine on and I’m dreaming of a day when we’re apart of the refinery29 features!

When I’m not busy working on Luna & Rose you can find me... out patting the local street dogs, munching on spicy corn at the beach or in the deep lush forests of New Zealand back country. Basically anywhere where there’s nature or pooches, I’ll be there!

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

1. I was the main contestant on an International Game Show but more on that another day…

2. As a kid I used to win all the colouring in competitions because I was so anal I would NEVER ever draw outside the lines.

3. Salt & Vinegar Chips are life.

4. I never ever dreamed I would have my own brand & store.

5. I’m a total book worn. Give me a good book & you won’t hear from me for 48 hours.

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“If life is just a series of moments, then the best ones are wild and free.”

Luna & Rose celebrates life, love, and laughter. 

We believe in being surprised. In the kiss of cool rain on your shoulders and gut hurting laughs while lying in the sun. Luna & Rose is all about not taking life too seriously. It’s being up for the next challenge. Dangling your toes into water. Red toenail polish and neon pink nails. Taking a risk and having a go. Adding a ton of hairspray to bad hair days. Knowing when a cup of tea will help or a big glass of wine instead. Always having chocolate biscuits stashed in the cupboard. Singing loudly in the car with the windows down. Listening to 90s mixes on repeat. Dancing ’til your feet hurt and your ears are buzzing.

These moments are the inspiration behind the pieces we create – and secretly, we kinda believe a little dash of it carries all the way through to you when you’re wearing a Luna & Rose design. You got this, girl.