5 Eco-friendly activities to do at home during Isolation

April 06, 2020 2 min read

While being confined at home, we understand that it’s a little harder to stay inspired, motivated and busy. To help you get through this weird & wild time of self-isolation, we put together a quick list of activities to do and keep evolving on your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle!


1. Create eco alternatives

You probably already have everything you need to create eco-friendly alternatives to products you use every day! You could make your own soap or shampoo bars, face masks, or even laundry detergent. They’re obviously better for the planet, but also for you: that way, you know exactly the ingredients that work for you.

Here are our favourite recipes of body scrub, laundry liquid and even a massage bar! Check out the rest of these websites for many more recipes…

Soap bars

2. Get into gardening!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden during this self-isolation time, gardening will be your new hobby! Plant some vegetables, some fruits and when summer comes and, hopefully, all of this is over, you’ll have plenty of delicious, organic, homemade food to make delicious recipes.
If you live in an apartment, now’s the time to learn how to properly take care of those plants you usually don’t take care of enough. They’ll thank you by looking healthy, purifying your air and they even help reduce stress! They’re the perfect companions for those long days inside.

3. Start composting

You’ve always said you wanted to get into it… No more excuses! There are so many options on how to start composting and there’s surely one that will work for you. Check out this amazing guide on how to start composting. Again, an activity that’s beneficial for both Mother Earth and you!


4. Go through your closet

We’ll admit it, we probably all have way more clothes than we need. Take a day or two to go through your closet and only keep what you really love and wear! Everything left can be donated to organizations and people who need it more than you do or can be re-used. Make tote bags, scrunchies, re-usable cotton pads, the options are endless...


5. Learn, learn, learn

Last but not least, you now have all the time in the world to learn more about sustainability and keep going on your journey to a more eco-friendly life! Watch documentaries, read books, learn how you can make a change and have a positive impact. Here at Luna & Rose, we loved A Zero Waste Life by Anita Vandyke, learned so much while watching 'A Plastic Ocean' on Netflix and we're always so inspired by @impactforgood's IG posts!


We know these are some crazy wild times, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the non-stopping stream of news every day. We hope to ease your mind a bit with these activities, and don’t forget to tag us @luna.androse if you recreate one of them. Stay safe! xx

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