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Our 5 favourite Beach Clubs in tropical Bali

October 14, 2019 6 min read...let's do it!

Bali is quickly becoming the 'Ibiza of Asia' and it's doing a pretty good job at it, I must say! With an expansive and vast coastline on offer, some of the most creative humans on this planet mixed with delicious fresh produce, Bali is a pretty great starting point to create a killer beach club. Over the years we have slowly making our way around them all (If that's even possible) and today I present to you 5 of my personal favourites to date. Note, these are all BEACH clubs, not cliff top clubs in which we will get to them soon in another blog post! 

Without further ado, let me introduce to you our 5 favourite Beach Clubs on the island of Bali:

La Brisa, Best Beach Club in Bali

1. La Brisa, Canggu

Why?La Brisa (which translates to the breeze) is a big beach club from which you can observe the famous surf spot: echo beach. Much like their cousin clubs of La Favela & La Laguna, the décor of La Brisa does not disappoint. A nautical themed favela ft. Tulum vibes made from Balinese craftsmanship? It’s next level trend. Around the beach club there are various sections with hammocks, beach chairs, tables to relax either around the pool or looking out over the ocean. La Brisa is the perfect place for a day spent chatting with your girlfriends, cuddled up with bae or simply enjoying the fun music and good food with your family.

The club also features an upstairs area where you can enjoy an amazing view of the sea and one of the best sunset views on the island. La Brisa often features international DJ’s and artists performing throughout the year – be sure to checkout their instagram page to know who & when your favourite artist might be coming!

Location: Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, Gang La Brisa Echo Beach, Canggu, Kuta Utara Badung, Bali 8036

Website : labrisabali.com

Must drink : A Fresh coconut!

Must Eat: Their breakfast in front of the sea (Recommend their pancakes!)

Best time of the day to visit: All day long! Be warned, this place packs out for Sunset around 5pm every night of the week.

Hot tips: If you want the best sunset table, make sure you book ahead of time.

Sundays Uluwatu, Best Beach Club in Bali

2. Sundays Beach Club, Bukit Peninsula

Why?Sundays Beach club is a little corner of paradise located near Uluwatu in Southern Bali. Formally named Finns (Which has now moved to a less amazing view in Canggu) this is a little piece of Bali paradise we highly recommend putting on your to-visit list. It takes around 1 hour to get here from Canggu or Seminyak and a little less from Kuta. Once you arrive to Sundays and take in all the cliff top beauty, you will jump in a motorized open air ‘escalator box’ down the steep cliff to the white sand beach. Here you will arrive at your new paradise. Laden with beach chairs, you have the option to jump in the ocean-side pool or enjoy the tranquil turquoise waters of South Bali beaches. If it’s high tide you can enjoy activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming in some of the cleanest clearest most beautiful water on Bali. A day of pure bliss.

Not ready to leave? Well don’t! You may not see the sunset from this side of the island but you will get to enjoy toasting Marshmallows over the bonfire while the sunsets – and we think that’s equally as beautiful an evening activity!

Location: Jalan Pantai selatan Gau, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan. Open every day from 8am to 9pm

Price: Adult 400 000 IDR (250 000 you get back to spend on food and drinks). Children: 200 000 IDR

Must drink: A pitcher of Pimms, duurr!

Must eat: The menu is varied with lots of western and local favourites, but word on the street is that they are serving up one of Bali’s Best burgers!

Best time of the day to visit: 11am – 4pm 

Hot tips: Enjoy the happy hour from 5pm to 6.30pm where you can get cocktails, beers and pizza for half price! (Not to mention to Bonfire too!) Komune Beach Club in Bali, Keramas

3. Komune, Keramas

Why? You may well have heard of Komune Beach Club due to it being a surf landmark for many-a-surfer in Bali. It’s location is directly in front of the world famous wave of Keramas. This is a popular surf spot on the east coast of Bali and home to the new WSL competition every year. The waves location so close to the shore makes for great spectator watching either from the hot black sand under an umbrella or sitting poolside in Komune. It’s fair to say that this beach club has been home to it’s fair share of incredibly talented international surfers over the years! As well as being an epic spot for a days chilling pool side looking out over the ocean, Kommune also doubles as a hotel and a luxury surf camp. Down for a day party? Be sure to head to Komune on Sunday’s for good tunes and fun vibes. Oh and did we mention that they grown their own veggie too? Meaning their menu is about as fresh as it gets!

Location: Jalan Pantai Keramas, Kec. Gianyar, Bali

E-mail reservation: reservations.bali@kimouneresosrts.com

Must dink: Depending on whether you choose to dine at the Health Hub, The Surfers Warung next door or the Beach Club? You have everything on offer you could possibly ask for.

Must eat: I hear their fresh seafood is amazing but I can’t go past a classic Jaffle & Banana Pancake from the Surfers Warung, Indonesia’s favourites!

Best time of day to visit: 12pm onwards (Although it would be quietest in the morning, like most beach clubs!)

Hot tips: Take a break from the pool and have a game of table tennis or enjoy free use of their Paddle boards! (If you’re brave)

Sandy Bay Nusa Lembongan Island - Best Beach Clubs on Bali

4. Sandy Bay, Nusa Lembongan

Why: One of a kind on this tranquil island, Sandy Bay offers all that you need to a fun day in the sun; Cute umbrellas, delicious food, incredible cocktails and good tunes, right on the ocean. You can park up on the sand, a stones throw from the ocean and take in the serene views back to Bali and along the golden shores of Nusa Lembongan. As the sunsets right in front of you, you don’t even have to move to get freshly caught fish delivered right to your bean bag. As if the beautiful Boho Décor of Sandy Bay Beach club isn’t enough to stop you in your tracks, you can also stay here as well. (P.S. Be sure to enjoy breakfast right next door at the delicious Ginger & Jamu – another one of our Lembongan faves!)

Location: Sandy bay beachfront, sunset beach, Butu Janggut, Nusa lembongan. Open from 8am to 9pm

Must drink: Their Margherita’s flow pretty nicely….

Must eat: Their fresh seafood, right on the beach.

Best time of the day to visit: 2-8pm. This beach is one of the best spots to watch the sunset from on Lembongan too!

Hot tips: Wear Sunscreen, apart from your umbrella there’s not too much shade on offer and no one likes a human scorpion….

The Lawn, Canggu. Best Beach Clubs in Bali

5. The Lawn, Canggu

Why?: For something a little less flashy, with more ex-pats than tourists, yet all day through to night fun, you can’t go past The Lawn in canggu. The Brother of our other weakness, Single Fin (located in Uluwatu) The lawn beach club is the perfect place to relax with friends, family or perhaps find yourself on a cute date. Serving up some killer food and cold beers, the Lawn is beautifully styled and makes for some great insta-worthy-stories! Popular everyday but really popping off on a Friday night, The Lawn is another great spot to watch another infamous Bali sunset from. Lounging in the pool located right on one of the busiest beaches in Canggu, the blazing sun will set right out in front. If you love a good gig, be sure to check out the schedule of musicians headlining at The Lawn throughout the year. My favourite to date – The Black Seeds!

Location: Jalan Pura Dalem, Canggu (Batu Bolong Beach), open from 8am.

Reservations: On their website here or call them on +62 821 4592 7396

Must drink : Cold Tap Beers or try one of their signature original cocktails

Must eat: Their Rice Paper Rolls & Raw Gado Gado are personal favourites. After a few drinks, their delicious ‘Pizzetas’ are a non-negotiable!

Best time of the day to visit: 3pm on wards (Although it’s a pretty killer spot for breaky if you’re an early bird!)

Hot tips: Check out their instagram or website for what international artists are heading their way 

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