Wish Upon a Star Earrings (Silver)


  • Silver Star Stud Earrings - Bon Voyage Collection
  • Star Stud Earrings - La Luna Rose Jewellery Bon Voyage Collection
  • La Luna Rose Bon Voyage Collection of Travel inspired Lifestyle Jewellery
  • Star Charm - La Luna Rose Bon Voyage Collection
  • Star Charm - La Luna Rose Bon Voyage Collection

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ÒWish for it until it becomes a living reality.Ó These Star Earrings are for those moments when the sun sets, your bodyÕs lightly toasted from a day spent out in the sun and sand is stuck deep in your hair and bathers. All that remains as you lay on your blanket gazing up to the night sky is the bright stars that are only just beginning their days work. These stars shine on as a moment to remember an epic day full of laughter and shared amongst best friends. Moments like these are the moments to cherish for a lifetime. Pick one star for each of these special memories and unforgettable moments and add them to your necklace/bracelet packed full of adventure.

Our tiny star earrings looks gorgeous stacker with our ÔTo the Moon and BackÕ Moon earrings or simply stacked with other special ÔWish Upon a StarÕ star charms as a bundle of starry memories.

Each La Luna Rose charm fits across our varity of chains designs and lengths. Add more charms (by that, we mean more rad!) to your necklace / bracelet simply by purchasing each charm separately.

If this charm is sold out, please email us here and we can make it to order for you.

¥ .925 Sterling silver
¥ Charm measures approx. 9mm x 9mm
¥ Also available in 18kt & Rose Gold

If this piece of jewellery is sold out, donÕt get your knickers in a twist just yet. We now offer Pre-Order. This means your piece will be made especially just for you, taking approximately 4 weeks for delivery. Simply purchase it here on our website (By clicking the PRE ORDER Button) and we will be with you via email shortly. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us here.
La Luna RoseÕs new BON VOYAGE collection of travel-inspired charms aimed at marking the memories of ones journey (whether collecting for yourself or a fellow traveller), proving that life was meant for good friends and great adventures. Designed to evoke adventure and inspire new memories, BON VOYAGE is the second offering of charm jewellery from their range of Essentials; collectible jewellery designed for the style enthusiast. Each tiny charm can be stacked in your personal style to remember lifeÕs endless adventures and unforgettable moments. Offered in both 18kt carat Gold plating, Rose Gold and Sterling silver, this latest signature range of collectible jewellery has all the adventure seeking style that youÕre next journey desires.
The Essentials range offers chain bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces along with a range of collectible charms. The perfect gift between friends, lovers, sisters, bridal party & family, we hope that each charm offers a beautiful keepsake piece of jewellery to take with you on your next journey and add your memories to. The adventures begin here and continue to delight as we release new themed collections every few months.
The La Luna Rose Essentials range is all about collecting charms that reflect those special memories and unforgettable moments that make life extraordinary.
If you have any questions about our jewellery, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.

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