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Hoop Earrings - Just Plane Adventurous (Gold)

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Our 'Just Plane Adventurous' hoop earrings are a refreshing addition to the La Luna Rose Essentials collection. These individual charms can be mixed & matched between your necklace, bracelet and Earrings making sure your chosen charms that reflect special life memories, are always there to perfect your outfit in style.

Served up in many designs, the 'Just Plane Adventurous' earrings are for all the babes out there who say YES to adventure!

These mini sized plane earrings makes for the perfect gift for so many special life moments. For that exceptional lady who is about to take off on their big adventure or how about for your bestie who's leaving you to go and travel around South East Asia for the Summer. Maybe you live across state and you want to let your best friend know you're only a Plane ride away, or perhaps it's a girls weekend to Vegas for the weekend - what goes on tour, stays on tour (and gets left behind on the plane seat!)

Share this tiny Plane charm amongst your girlfriends as a little reminder that you're only a plane ride away. Safe travels babe!

Our 'Just Plane Adventurous' earrings look super cute next to the Spinning 'Globetrotter' Globe earrings or teamed with our 'Wish Upon a Star' charm.

åÊ -åÊ .925 Sterling silver
åÊ - Charm measures approx. 9mm x 9mm
åÊ - Also available in Silver

åÊ- Available in 18MM and 40MM hoop sizes

åÊIf you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us here.

The Essentials range offers chain bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces along with a range of collectible charms. The perfect gift between friends, lovers, sisters, bridal party & family, we hope that each charm offers a beautiful keepsake piece of jewellery to take with you on your next journey and add your memories to. The adventures begin here and continue to delight as we release new themed collections every few months.

The La Luna Rose Essentials range is all about collecting charms that reflect those special memories and unforgettable moments that make life extraordinary.

If you have any questions about our jewellery, please feel free to get in touch via our contact page.

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