Gemma Patford x La Luna Rose Jewellery Holder - Blue


  • Gemma Patford x La Luna Rose Jewellery Holders
  • Gemma Patford x La Luna Rose Jewellery Holders
  • Gemma Patford x La Luna Rose Jewellery Holders
  • Gemma Patford x La Luna Rose Jewellery Holders
  • Gemma Patford x La Luna Rose Jewellery Holders

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Oh so true, this is blue.... Our 1 and only of this piece - nab it before your best mate does!

Have a bunch of super-rad Jewellery that you just don't have a place to house? That old brown bowl that your Mum gave you when you were a kid to 'place special things in' not cutting it anymore? Thought so. That's why Melbourne based Gemma Patford & Rose Shelton from La Luna Rose got together, knocked heads and whipped up these epic one-stop jewellery holders. Each piece is one of a kind, entirely unique and limited edition of 1! Correct, now is your chance to snap up your very own piece of functioning art to house those oh so functionable jewels, yaahoo.

This handcrafted beautiful jigsaw pieces of art for your wall, is made with just enough loops, turns, slants, holes and colour to drape all your earrings, necklaces and bracelets that your heart desires over. Endless we say. Can't quite give up that dusty brown bowl yet? We get it... And that's when we say just slap this beautiful piece on your wall as a piece of art instead! It's a guarantee eye-stopper & conversation starter...

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About the item: Handcrafted in Melbourne by the oh so talented Gemma Patford and made entirely from cotton rope, the hard jewellery holder is perfect for housing all those jewels that tend to linger around your bedside table and bathroom for too long. It is also the perfect finishing touch to your interior space, and is a great solution for household too-much-white-wall space or of course, to house your favourite accessories in a not-so-subtle way.

• La Luna Rose series by Gemma Patford
• 100% hand made from cotton rope and water based acrylic paint
• Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, sizes may vary slightly. Each jewellery holder is one of a kind
• Limited edition of 1 per style (Outrageous I know!)
• This holder can be gently cleaned using a damp soft cloth

Approximate Sizes

• 30cm x 22cm
• 100% hand made from cotton + painted

If you have any questions at all about this piece, please feel free to contact us via our contact page or click here. But remember, there is only ONE of these bad boys so you will have to be quick to get it!