Find the perfect pressie for the perfect human! Our new Gift Bundles e - Luna & Rose Jewellery

Find the perfect pressie for the perfect human! Our new Gift Bundles explained

November 28, 2019 5 min read...let's do it!

This Christmas, we've made things a little easier to shop for your favourite humans. We have created 6 beautiful bundles of some of our best selling items, and offering them to you guys for up to 30% off! Each bundle has been tailored to the special humans we all know & love, making sure they're receiving both items they will love, cherish and wear every single day! Not to mention you being top of their mind whenever the don a piece from their Gift Bundle!
Each Bundle comes packaged in our beautiful Bundle Boxes ready for gifting.  The hard part? Choosing which bundle for which lucky human!
Let us explain what is inside each bundle and who it is best suited for....
Luna & Rose Sustainable Gift bundle for Mum

Introducing the Luna & Rose Gift Bundle for the beautiful connection with have with our closest female family members out there, mothers to be, mothers of the past, mother in-laws and mothers of the Earth. Well, well, well, what is in this bundle of accessory goodness I hear you say?

If you havn't met our Love or Motherhood talisman yet then now is your time my friend. It's also your chance to share the love with all your lovely Mum's this festive season! In fact, both our St Nicholas, St Gerard and St Dwynwen pendants are beautiful symbols of strength and endless love and a beautiful heirloom for generations to come. Match your selected love or Motherhood pendant with our everyday Ulu hoops and Mum is looking picture perfect! No bare lobes will ever depart the home again. Pop on one of our Sustainable Eco-Dyed tote Bags for all those market trips, school pick ups, travel trips to the beach and washing deliveries. Mum really is the word with this perfect little set of 3 of our favourite pieces in our Mum Bundle Gift Set.

This Gift Bundle includes:

- Your choice of either The Saint Gerard Patron Saint of Motherhood Necklace Pendant, St Nicholas Patron Saint of Children Necklace Pendant or Saint Dwynwen Saint of Love Necklace Pendant ($189) (Please select pendant above)
1 Organic Dyed Tote Bag ($32)
1 pair of Ulu Hoop Earrings ($149)

Valued at $370, you can shop this gift bundle online from $239

You can shop the Gift bundle for Mum online HERE.

Luna & Rose Sustainable Gift bundle for the City Gal
She might be a girl on a mission and boy does she look cute doing it! Lucky we've pulled together our best selling pieces and bundled them up for you to treat her this festive season. The City gal loves our Saint Pendants for the pure reason they look just as gorgeous with a white tee for an understated weekend look or worn with a blazer heading into a meeting. Our Ulu hoops are the perfect staple pair of earrings amongst a wardrobe. Teamed with one of our Saint Pendants and you're sure to never leave the house looking naked again!

This Gift Bundle includes:

1 Saint necklace (Please select pendant above) $169
1 Pair of Ulu Hoop Earrings Silver ($149)

Valued at $389, you can shop this Gift bundle online from $219. 
Shop the Gift Bundle for our City Gal lovers online HERE. 

Luna & Rose Sustainable Gift bundle for the Eco Warrior

This bundle is for the ethically conscious and sustainable lover that we all know and love. Sometimes they're tricky to buy for and that's why we've put together one very cute and oh so special Gift Bundle that also gives back to the planet. Once you're over the hard part of choosing between the Saint of Animals & The Environment pendant OR the Saint of Miracles, we've got the rest covered. An Organic Dyed Tote bag will make sure she's never caught shopping with plastic (and looking super cute at all her market missions) and by wearing one of our Take3 for the Sea charity T-Shirts, this Gift Bundle ALSO donates $25 back to the Ocean! I told you it's the gift that keeps on giving!

All our products are ethically & sustainably produced with recycled sterling silver & Plant based dyes which makes this gal pal an easy one to shop for at Luna & Rose and we've selected this bundle as a top pick of our 3 of our favourites.

This Gift Bundle for our Eco lovers includes:

- Your choice of 1 Saint necklace either our Patron Saint of Animals & The environment OR the Patron Saint of Miracles (Please select above menu) ($169)
1 Organic Dyed Tote Bag ($32)
1 Take3 For the Sea Organic Cotton Charity T-Shirt (Please select Size from the above menu) ($59)

Valued at $260, you can shop this bundle online from $189

Shop our Eco Warrior Gift Bundle online HERE

Luna & Rose Sustainable Gift bundle for the Travel lover

Introducing the Luna & Rose Gift Bundle for the traveling soul. Well, well, well, what is in this bundle of accessory goodness I hear you say?

It's a no-brainer that every Traveler should start their adventures with one of our ST CHRISTOPHER pendants.... He'll keep you safe from harm & look out for you along the way! Next up in this Gift bundle is one of our never-leave-the-house-without Traveling Trev wallets! This travel friendly clutch has been designed as a one-stop clutch to fit your passport, phone, tickets and multiple receipted / tickets & money. Did we mention it has 7 internal compartments?! Of course, a Bonnie Bandana will keep you looking fresh & ready for all your travel adventures no matter where the location and one of our Organic Dyed Totes will ensure you're never stuck without a bag to shop many a market trinkets along your travels!

Leave a note at checkout for your preferred wallet colour and we will see what we can do...

This Gift Bundle for our Travel lovers includes:

 - 1 Saint Christopher Travel Safe Pendant on Chain - Gold ($149)
 - 1 Bonnie Bandana ($42)
 - 1 Organic Dyed Tote Bag (Assorted Colours) ($32)
 - 1 Traveling Trev Wallet (Assorted Colours) ($129)

Shop the Travel Lover Bundle HERE

Luna & Rose Sustainable Gift bundle for your Best Friend
Say hello to the Luna & Rose Gift Bundle for your bff, sister, sister in-law and ultimate gal pal. You've treated her before, and you're looking to treat her again... How special would a pendant symbolising your friendship be? And let's be real, she loves a good fitting organic cotton Tee, which, duh, we've popped into this set too as well as one of our ever-so-cute Organic dyed Tote bags. Hey this set is so cute, how about you get one to match with her too?!
Did we mention this beautiful & meaningful Saint of friendship necklace will be with you guys for life? #totescute

The Gift Bundle for your BFF includes:

1 Saint John Patron Saint of Friendship Necklace Pendant ($159)
1 Organic Dyed Tote Bag ($32)
1 Organic Cotton Tee-Shirt (Please select Size & preferred colour above) ($59)

Valued at $267, this gift bundle has up to 25% off and you can buy it online from $199

You can shop this Gift Bundle online HERE

Luna & Rose Sustainable Gift bundle for the accessory lover
She's a tricky one to please but boy we know she loves to accessorize and finish her outfit off to style perfection. We all know an accessories lover and we all appreciate how amazing she always looks. This Gift Bundle has been designed with her in mind, pulling together our popular Saint Pendants across 2 different lengths to layer in style, matched with our simple mini Monterey hoops + finished off with a cute Bonnie Bandana. Bonnie can be worn in the hair, around a handbag, neck or with a little bow at the front. Fear not, the accessories lover will know what to do with it!

This Gift Bundle for the accessories lover includes:

1 St Gerard Patron Saint of Motherhood Necklace- Gold ($169)
1 St Dwynwen Patron Saint of Love Necklace Gold ($179)
1 Pair of Mini Monterey Hoop Earrings Gold ($129)
1 Bonnie Bandana ($42)
1 Organic Dyed Tote Bag ($32)

Valued at $551, Online from $399

Shop the Accessories Lover Gift Bundle HERE

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