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But what IS a closed-loop production?

July 26, 2020 3 min read...let's do it!

As we put sustainability at the core of our brand, it is a no-brainer for us that Luna & Rose needs to be created in a closed-loop production. But you might be asking, what exactly is a closed-loop production? To put it simply, it means that everything we produce comes back to us in order to be re-used, meaning absolutely zero waste. In that sense,we source recycled Sterling Silver that has been extracted from old electronics, phones and jewellery and then purified and brought back to its original perfect form -shiny Sterling Silver ready to make our collections.


           Since the beginning, we have made sure that our production is as sustainable as possible. We source recycled Sterling Silver from a supplier who has melted down and purified silver from such items as computers, phones, electronics and old jewellery. Internally, from one collection to another, our artisans in Bali are also able to melt pieces of Luna & Rose jewellery that either weren’t sold pr were samples in order to create brand-new jewellery. Nothing is wasted, and we’re able to re-use that Sterling Silver over and over again. This also help us when we have new ideas: we can try out different designs, make mistakes, and re-melt them until we get the perfect design of jewellery that we want. How awesome is that?

 Recycled silver

           Nowadays, humans tend to over-consume, buying so much more than we ever need. That’s where fast fashion makes its grand entrance… Pieces are mass-produced, worn once and thrown away without thinking. Unfortunately, over time as fast fashion continues to grow globally, we’ve can see the impact this style of purchase behaviour and fashion production has on the environment and it is a far cry from being sustainable. (If you want to dig a little deeper into this issue we definitely recommend ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix)

To consume more responsibly, we need to find a new way to produce. In order to conserve natural resources and divert waste from landfill, a closed-loop production is the best way to tread lighter on our planet. A whole circular economy is the goal we try to attain, as it truly shows that’s how we’ll make a change for our planet. Every day, we hear more news and understand how much of the planet is the suffering from the choices that bigger entities are making (or ignoring.)

Below is a simple explanation of the 3 types of economy that exist. Luna & Rose jewellery is proudly produced in a Circular Economy.


            At Luna & Rose, we believe that the future of consumption needs to happen now, and we’re all involved. While brands need to do better, we also believe those changes are consumer-driven and we know that YOU can help make that change happen too. Research more into what you’re buying, the brands you love, how they create their products and what their core values are. If you can't find much about their production processes, the materials that they use and their supply chain, chances are they have something to hide. But just ask them. Once brands know that their consumers care, they will have to ask the questions themselves. As new developments in both the jewellery and fashion world around production processes grow, we know that it is now possible to implement a closed-loop production in many industries. We have seen so much progress over recent years due to consumer demand that there is no excuses anymore.  


At Luna & Rose we have had the chance to build an incredible community of curious customers who are as concerned as we are about the future of our beautiful planet and we couldn’t be more proud to see you’re all willing to make a change.

Stay aware, keep asking the questions and demand transparency.

Cheers to creating a cleaner planet for future generations to come x

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