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Behind the Scenes shooting our latest collection 'Urban Loft'

July 20, 2016 2 min read...let's do it!

La Luna Rose Jewellery - Behind the Scenes Urban Loft Collection

It feels like forever ago that we shot this campaign! Back in the month of February, the lovely Cait Miers, Ellie Coker, Lottie (The pup) and I got together to make some magic in Urban Melbourne. I had been location scouting the days leading up to shoot day, looking for buildings with sharp lines and harsh lighting to match the design aesthetic of the collection. I also wanted something with a relaxed, NYC loft vibe too....Basically I wanted a lot in one place! After reaching out to every friend who lived in that area for their local 'architecture' knowledge and asking around at local cafes in the Collingwood/North Melbourne areas, we had a winner (or 2). 

La Luna Rose Jewellery - Behind the Scenes Urban Loft Collection

We shot the campaign between the open spaces of the Melbourne Museum building and the rad bar on Smith street, 'Panama Dining Room'. Having had only visited the Panama Dining Room after hours (but knowing they had some awesome little nooks and spaces!) I was very nervous of what we would open the doors to that Wednesday morning. Alas, the space was beautiful and perfect for the look and feel that I wanted to achieve for the Urban Loft collection. Relaxed, classy yet rustic, chic with a NYC loft vibe....You get the jist. The Manager was awesome & Lottie got right involved with the action of a day-time bar!

La Luna Rose Jewellery - Behind the Scenes Urban Loft Collection

La Luna Rose Jewellery - Behind the Scenes Urban Loft Collection

By far the most relaxed shoot I have ever worked on, the weather was our friend as was the Vietnamese snacks from N Lee Bakery across the road!

La Luna Rose Jewellery - Behind the Scenes Urban Loft Collection

La Luna Rose Jewellery - Behind the Scenes Urban Loft Collection

La Luna Rose Jewellery - Behind the Scenes Urban Loft Collection

I hope you love this collection as much as I do, the final images exude everything we were aiming for with this latest 'subdued' colour offering from La Luna Rose.

With an absolute dream team, cute as shit dog and 3 hours, we managed to pull off something pretty perfect! Thanks for being legends Cait & Ellie!

Check the full campaign shoot here.

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