7 Eco Conscious brands that we love & Support

March 15, 2021 3 min read

Shopping consciously is probably the single most important thing that you can do in your daily doings right now. By choosing the brands that support the future of our planet with your hard-earned dinero's means that our planet will be a brighter, better and healthier place for the future. It means that wildlife will continue to have a place to live, less animals will become extinct and your body will 100% thank you for making the switch the natural based products. We promise. Below are 7 Eco Conscious brands that we love and support here at Luna & Rose:
1. Ora Aromatherapy. Beautifully hand-crafted Aromatherapy blends, blended by a beautiful soul, Kate, on the East Coast of NZ. Kate is passionate about natural therapeutic alternatives to medication… and beautiful scents! We love this brand so much we’re gave a free perfume roller with all orders over $100 last Christmas!
2. Indigo Luna.Fellow Bali based brand, these guys produce a range of yoga gear that is also dyed organically from plants (Just like our apparel!) If you’re looking for a gift for the Yogi in your life, these guys have you covered. Shop their range of organic pieces over here.


3. Salt Gypsy. Producing small batch, design driven swimwear that functions in the ocean and won’t leave you with a boob loose! Designer & Founder Dani Clayton, is an absolute legend and old time friend of mine whom I have loved watching grow & flourish. If you’re looking to get into Surfing this Summer, she also has some KILLER surfboards in a beautiful pastel colour palette (Also look great as a bedroom accessory… Just saying…) Shop the Salt Gypsy wares over here.

4. Sienna Byron Bay.Producing ethical and sustainable nail polish for years. It’s no easy feat (hence why most nail polish brands are FULL of harsh heinous chemicals) we love the ethos of this company and have loved following their journey over the years. Cheers to being industry leaders in this space! Shop their lush, environment friendly polishes over here.

5. Oui The People. Serving up Sustainable and beautiful beauty products, specifically their Rose Gold & Gold shavers (swoonnn, who knew shavers could look so cute?!) They also offer refillable Shaving Gel served up in Glass Bottles. You can tell that these guys truly care about the impact on the planet and solving this huge problem of disposable razors and we’re right behind them in their pursuit! Shop their collections here (They sell out FAST!)

6. Girlfriend Collective. A new addition to our lust list, these guys are dominating the active wear market with their large range of well, active wear that is made from recycled plastic bottles. Not only that, they have their own in-house recycling system whereby they can repurpose your old Girlfriend pieces back into fibres & fabrics to make new garments! We’re a huge fan of circularity in all industries and I’m loving following the transparency and ownership of their brand. Shop the Girlfriend Collection pieces over here.

7. Seed & Sprout. If you havn’t heard of these guys, you’re about to never look back! The story behind founding this company is a love story to do better for the planet and consume less plastic. A huge desire for so many of us but for some reason – often seems so hard to implement! Seed & Sprout have everything you need to live a life without plastic including Metal Shavers, reusable tins, veggie bags, lunchboxes… and so much more. They’re constantly developing new products as demand persists too so they’ll keep you on top of the game when it comes to reusables!

Who else do you love to shop with that cares for the planet in their process of production? We are all ears to hear about new brands and businesses doing great things so please drop us a comment below, email or DM on instagram @luna.androse Together we are better and can make sure the future is bright, not only for humans, but all the animals that don't get a say. 

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April 06, 2021

Love this! I like the lifestyle brand Pureosophy as well – their designs are beautiful and their aesthetic reminds me a bit of yours ☺️

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