July 16, 2018

Bubble Hotel in Bali. Coolest place to stay in Ulluwatu on a Backpacker Budget

Have you ever traveled to Bali? If not, this tropical island is a must for your Bucket list. I know I might be a little bias …. but Bali really does have a holiday for everyone! Love Nature? Head straight to the mountains or the National Park in Bali’s North West. Love Beaches, I don’t even know where to start! Food more your thing? Head straight to Canggu, do not pass go… and then after a few days of indulging on all delicious foody offerings here, head up to Ubud to really get your health fix! Love to shop? Again, Canggu is your answer my friends! Love adventure? There's downhill Mountain biking, Island hopping, Surfing, Zip-lining, Diving, Cliff Jumping… the list goes on. Ready to book your flights? Great because we’re here to sort you out with finding somewhere rad to stay!

I may live here but boy do I love a good Air bnb trawl (Both in Bali and around the globe!) to search out some amazing accommodation options. (Trust me, even if you’re not planning on a holiday, a good session on Air bnb and you’ll feel like you’ve been to the tropics and back all while sitting at your desk! )

Canggu is currently one of the coolest and most attractive places to visit in Bali. Amongst the plethora of cafes serving up 5 star food there is an abundance of shops, weekend markets, a few working rice paddies mixed up in between the buildings, too many bars to name and a long list of Day Spa’s to get your pampering fix. Oh, and then there’s the beach & the surf – from which the Canggu culture and community is based upon. In amongst the all night parties, growing beach club scene and street side skate bowls, somehow this place still retains the beautiful undertone of the Balinese culture and calmness offering Canggu one of the most unique atmospheres on the island. And this my friends is why I want to share with you a selection of 5 amazing place to stay in Canggu. But be warned…. you may fall in love…x


With a rice-paddy view like this and a price ticket of just $40 a night per person how could you not! Villa Maz is decorated in a simple yet refined design with an absolutely beautiful outdoor space. This Villa is the perfect house for a getaway with family and friends to relax and soak in the real Bali energy. With her modern and colonial inspiration, Villa Maz is a haven of peace where you will undoubtedly spend you’re the best part of the day lazing by the pool between Bintangs and naps until it’s time for the sun to set over the Rice Paddies. The house offers 2 big bedrooms each with their own bathroom, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi (Rare on Bali soil!) and has a killer location of only 300m back from the beach! A small piece of Paradise for a very small price.

Villa Maz best places to stay in Canggu Bali

Villa Maz best places to stay in Canggu Bali

Price: $150 USD / night

Capacity: 4 people

Click here to read more on VILLA MAZ.


Looking for more of a romantic escape for you and your loved one? Let me introduce to you Villa Selka as I’m pretty sure this place was built with romance on the mind! Large open spaces with the pool overlooking rice paddies, mood lighting throughout, contemporary décor with traditional Balinese touches…oh and did I mention the view from the Master bed!? This extremely spacious villa will truly impress and once you step foot inside, there is really no reason to leave! You can enjoy all the romantic touches of this villa such as the corner bathtub for two, the super king size bed, fully equipped kitchen for whipping up afternoon Daiquiri’s and a dining setting with a view to enjoy them. A stones throw from Canggu’s main shopping and eating strip Batu Bolong, Villa Selka is the perfect place for a romantic getaway right in the heart of bustling Canggu.

Villa Maz, Canggu. Best place to stay on the island of Bali

Villa Maz, Canggu. Best place to stay on the island of Bali

Price: $127 USD / night

Capacity: 2 people

Click here to read more on VILLA SELKA, Canggu. 


If tropical beauty and tranquility are what attracts you in the island of Bali, you may have found your paradise at Villa Tropicale. Ideal for a quick gateway, this luxurious house offers six large en-suite bedrooms, all designed in Balinese style (What a steal, that’s $24 a night each!) Villa Tropicale is beautifully furnished with a mix of traditional Indonesian teak wood and marble and relishes in the outdoor living that we all love here in the Tropics. Located in a lovely quiet area of Berawa Beach, Villa Tropicale is just a stones throw from the Surf and Sunsets that Bali is so famous for. A blend of luxury and tranquility, your days here will have you extending your stay for weeks to come….

Villa Tropicale Beautiful Villa in Canggu Bali

Villa Tropicale Beautiful Villa in Canggu Bali

Price: $142 USD / night

Capacity: 6 people

Click here to read more on VILLA TROPICALE, Canggu.


Now that we’ve got you all in the mood of heading to Bali and booking a lush cushy villa for a week, it’s time to flip that idea on the head and introduce to you…The Bubble Hotel! When I first saw this concept I couldn’t quite believe or understand what was going on… When I went and stayed in it? It was well, exactly what you think – A Human sized bubble ready for a luxe glamping experience! Historically I’m not huge into camping but spending the night under the stars in the mild Bali air, just meters from one of the most amazing beaches I have ever been to was simply incredible. Located on a private beach (The secure location will be sent to you upon booking your experience here) and with only a handful of Bubbles located here, your worries of the world will seem impossibly far away as soon as you arrive. The base rate is your Bubble accommodation only and there are 101 extras that you can add on top once you book (Fairy Lights? Curtains? Food? Drink? Massage? Security Guard? They got you!)

Take this opportunity to escape the bustling streets and busy traffic to stay in this beautifully simplistic Bubble Hotel. It is an absolutely magic experience to watch the sunset over the ocean from your private beach and wake up to the crashing waves and watch the pastel coloured morning skies rise from the comfort of your warm and cozy bed. I couldn’t recommend a night in the Bubble Hotel more if I tried.

P.S. This one is actually located on the Bukit near Ulluwatu…. Around 1.5hours drive from Canggu, sorry but I had to include it!

Bubble Hotel in Bali. Coolest place to stay in Ulluwatu on a Backpacker Budget

Bubble Hotel in Bali. Coolest place to stay in Ulluwatu on a Backpacker Budget

Bubble Hotel in Bali. Coolest place to stay in Ulluwatu on a Backpacker Budget

Price: $88 USD / night

Capacity: 2 people

Click here to read more about the BUBBLE HOTEL, Pecatu. 


Ok ok, with this villa, I broke the ‘under $150’price bracket… but, I couldn’t finish this article without telling you about this amazing find. Of course there are villas in Bali to suit all styles of budgets from the high fliers to the budget back packer (Yes you too can ever get a slice of the Bali Villa scene on your budget!) so here’s a little sneak peak into what you might find with a slightly higher budget…. Villa Bali Sari is a huge 2 bedroom villa located in a serene location away from the riff raff with only Rice Paddies in sight. Villa Bali Sari has Six bedrooms, each with their own en-suite bathroom is centered around a beautiful large open air living room sitting in amongst the Villa’s pool. From the dining area you look out into the tropical garden, over the private pool and off into the stunning views over Canggu’s rice paddies. Villa Bali Sari is an amazing slice of paradise for you to stay (with your 11 friends!) for an unforgettable ‘Luxe’ Bali experience.

Villa Bali Sari Luxury Villa in Canggu, Bali

Villa Bali Sari Luxury Villa in Canggu, Bali

Price: $381 USD / night

Capacity: 12 people

Click hereto read more about VILLA BALI SARI, Canggu. 

So my friends, who’s booking their next trip to Bali!? We’d love to hear what you thought of this article and if you would like to see more about our little island of Bali on here…We would also love for you to share your favourite places to stay in Bali with us if you have traveled here before – we’re always excited to hear about new spots! If you are planning a trip to the island, I highly recommend you check out our hot spots for staying down on the Bukit Penninsula here. We also wrote a similar article on our 4 favourite Air BnB’s on Hawaii!....I think you’ll love this one too x

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Sizing Guide


CHARITY & SALLY T-SHIRT MEASUREMENTS SMALL     (Size 6-10) MEDIUM (Size 10-14 LARGE   (Size 14-16)
Shoulder Width 42cm 44cm 47.5cm
Sleeve Length 12cm 12cm 14cm
Chest Measurement 47.5cm 50.5cm 53cm
Back Length 63cm 67cm 68.5cm



It is important to note that different countries have different sizing methods.

Most of the world goes by number sizing which is the easiest and most accurate.

Because we sell our jewellery all over the world, we have decided to stick with number sizing and have put together the below chart to help you out. The most common size for ladies is a size 7 and size 10 for man. If you are unsure of your size you can measure the inner diameter of one of your own rings and refer to the below measurements.

Feel free to email us at info@lalunarose.com if you have any further issues.

Please also note that if you are ordering a wide band ring, its usually a good idea to go up a size.

Size 6 = Ring Sizes L, M, N. Inner Diameter measures 16.5mm

Size 7 = Ring Sizes N, O, P. Inner Diameter measures 17.3mm

Size 8 = Ring Sizes P, Q, R. Inner Diameter measures 18.1mm

Size 9 = Ring Sizes R, S, T. Inner Diameter measures 18.9mm

If you require a ring in a different size in any of the designs offered, please send us an email here and we will see what our clever silversmiths can do for you.


All items in the La Luna Rose shop clearly label the length of the chain used for that design. Unless otherwise stated, all La Luna Rose necklaces are adjustable in length by 2" / 5cm.  All necklaces in our Essentials collection have a finer chain and are adjustable y 1"/2.5cm in length.


Beaded Bracelets - La Luna Rose Sundown Sandy beaded bracelets are fastened with an adjustable clasp giving two size options for the 'average' wrist. One sits at a total circumference of approx 16cm and the other at 18.5cm. As all our pieces are individually hand-made, this may vary slightly. If you are concerned about your desired size, please feel free to email us & we can measure one up specifically for you in the design you will be ordering.

La Luna Rose Colour Creator Cuff Bracelets are also fastened with an adjustable clasp giving two size options for the 'average' wrist based on a wider design. One sits at a total circumference of 17.5cm and the other at 19cm. These fit slightly larger than ou As all our pieces are individually hand-made, this may vary slightly. If you are concerned about your desired size, please feel free to email us & we can measure one up specifically for you. 

La Luna Rose Sideshow Sally Beaded Bracelets are constructed with a 'loop' system meaning that they do not open up completely but can be adjusted largely in size from a small wrist size measuring 14cm circumference to a larger wrist measuring 19cm circumference. To open them just pull at the end of the beaded section and to close them once on your wrist, pull the tassel heads gently. Again, if you are unsure please feel free to email us here & we can help you work out your size.

Solid Bracelets - Adults Our Solid bracelets are available in 3 sizes and measure 18cm in total circumference for a size SMALL, 19.8cm for a MEDIUM and 21cm for a LARGE. If you would like to check your wrist size, grab a strip of paper, string or tape measure and you can measure your wrist with 3 fingers underneath the string also. If you are still unsure and would like something smaller/bigger made for you, send us an email here and we will see what we can create.

La Luna Rose chain bracelets fit much like the beaded bracelets with an adjustable clasp. Therefore they have two/three size options for you. They sit at a total circumference of approx 17cm, 18cm and 19cm.

*For the Chunky Monkey bracelet we suggest a tighter fit. To be sure of your size here, measure your wrist circumference and use this to order the correct size as shown on the product page.


All measurements are on the product pages. Our Essentials necklaces are available in 16" length with an smaller loop at 15" and 18" with an smaller loop at 17".

Our Essentials Bracelets measure 17cm in length with an smaller size loop at 15cm.

Our Essentials Rings are offered in size 6, 7, 8 and 9. We are more than happy to make smaller or larger sizes on request, please just email us here.


Petites Bracelets - We have a number of options for our bracelets for little girls - they're our top seller and little girls just love them! Our Beaded tassel bracelets have an adjustable sizing system and comfortably fit a little girl from aged 3 - 14. Girls 14 and upwards are recommended to fit our Adults collection however if they have small wrists they will still fit the Petites range. To measure a little girls wrist, please wrap a piece around their wrist with 2 fingers underneath. Mark the paper, and lay flat to measure with a ruler. 

Our Petites Sideshow Sally Bracelets are adjustable in length and open up to 18cm in circumference. If you don't have a direct wrist to measure, this bracelet system is almost fail safe and accommodates almost all wrist sizes.

Our Petites Sunday Sandy Bracelets measure 12cm in length with 3 options of length within the clasp system.

Our La Luna Fiesta Bracelets measure 14cm in length/circumference and all have the abiloity to have any of our La Luna Rose charms added to them.

Our Solid silver bracelets for little Petites (To add charms onto) are available in 3 sizes. Baby 4.5cm in diameter (Recommended age 3-5), Small 5cm in diameter (Recommended age 6-10) and Medium 5.5cm diameter (Recommended age 10-15).

Our Petites Chain Bracelets measure 15cm in length with an smaller loop at 12.5cm. If you need larger, feel free to order an adults size.

Petites Rings - Our Petites range also offers rings for little girls. Please measure your childs finger first to ensure you are ordering the correct size. We would recommend a size 3.5 for girls 6-8 and a size 4.5 for girls 8-13 and a size 5-6 for 14-17year olds.  However - every finger and body is different! Any questions, just send us and email here and we would be happy to help.

Petites Necklaces - Our La Luna Rose Fine Chain Necklace measure 15" in length with an extra size loop at 14". Our La Luna Fiesta Necklaces measure 34cm in length and all have the ability to have any of our La Luna Rose charms added to them.

If you require any other sizes for any of our items, please just let us know and we will see what we can whip up for you! You can contact us here.