5 Black Owned Fashion Sustainable Brands We’re Loving

September 23, 2020 2 min read

As a small brand ourselves, we know how important it is to support each other and empower other businesses we love, trust and believe in! Today, we want to show you our favourite Black Owned Fashion Sustainable Brands, a way for you to discover new resources, while taking care of our planet.


  1. Lemlem


After a trip to Ethiopia, founderLiya Kebede was inspired to create Lemlem thanks to a group of traditional weavers. Her goal is to give a voice to artisanship, while being ethical and sustainable.

At Luna & Rose, we’re loving their flowy, gorgeous dresses, perfect after a long day at the beach.

Find them here.

  1. Liandra Swim

Liandra Swim

“Liandra Swim is a sustainable ode to Indigenous Australian culture and people”. Swimsuits made from regenerated plastics, how incredible is that?! We’re loving the cute designs and how diverse the cuts are: there’s definitely one for everyone. Plus, they’re made in Bali, just like us.

Find them here.

  1. Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies

If you’re looking for accessories, Brother Vellies is perfect for you. Their goal is tokeep traditional African design practices, and techniques alive while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs. 

Find them here.

  1. Two Days Off

Two Days Off

Made in Los Angeles, Two Days Off is a clothing brand who believe that “a good wardrobe should be simple, conscious, and have enough ease for everyday life” and we couldn’t agree more. Created by Gina Stovall, a climate researcher, sustainability is at the core of their values, while creating stylish pieces you’ll keep forever.

Find them here.

  1. Local European

Local European

Local European is our favourite brand to stay classy, stylish and sustainable! All of their pieces are made with deadstock fabric, to reduce waste, save energy and lower their carbon footprint. They’re definitely a unique addition to your wardrobe.

Find them here.


We’d love to discover more brands, so let us know in the comments your favourite ones! x

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