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10 Awesome Podcasts to help get you through Isolation

March 27, 2020 4 min read...let's do it!

Top 10 inspiring Podcast recommendations for Self Isolation

Here at Luna & Rose, we're big fans of podcasts. From Eco Warriors to inspiring business ladies to everyday chit chat keeping you company on long scooter rides to genuinely f**king hilarious humans... There really is a podcast for every human & every mood. Today we're here to share our top 10 podcasts right now. Each one VERY unique and suited to a different mood, but all of them will bring some laughter, light & bloody good food for thought into your brain while we slow down & isolate from the rest of the world noise. Introducing to you, our top 10 favourite podcasts on repeat right now:


Looking for company? An easy listening educational / funny / easy going podcast? Shameless is a great option. Led by 2 Australian gals who don't take them selves too seriously, you will learn a little snippet and hear their opinions on whats happening in the world, celebrity news, interviews with interesting peeps and other tid bits. The Shameless podcast is great for road trips!


Want lol's? Look no further than these 2 Aussie lads. Light hearted, one for the entire family (kind of) these guys will get you out of your head and into the moment through their endless jokes that continue on through the podcast series as the develop. Great for road trips, picnics and work day!


It's Oprah my friends... Say no more, download & enjoy all day, any time of the day and feel her soothing, inspiring, motovational, go get-em girl vibes. 


If you are interested in learning ANYTHING at all about the journey of IVF (wether you're going through it, supporting a friend who is or just want to know anything/something about it) this is a hilarious, honest Podcast that follows 1 couples raw, open, honest journey about IVF. It's funny and a true insight into a relationship and the questions / battles / lol's that comes with pregnancy difficulty. Annnddd, well, I think the science behind IVF is all pretty interesting stuff to learn about too! Their later series has developed into OTHER peoples stories where they interview different people who have had to do IVF for completely random different reasons ie. Gender transformation, Cancer treatment etc. Full of honest conversations, this is a super easy listening, educational while being light hearted and conversational podcast that I love. You'll find me listening to this on aeroplanes, road trips, train rides & walks.

Top 10 inspiring Podcast recommendations for Self Isolation


OK this one might not be fore everyone... But I suggest you give it at least 1 full episode before deciding! F**KS GIVEN is a hilarious, raw, no boundary podcast by 2 English ladies, removing the stigma around sex & sexuality. They are so shameless, loud & proud about sharing everything surrounding their bodies, sexual experiences and they interview really interesting guys & girls about their sexual experiences too! This one's definitely one for headphones... I was recently listening to it on the MRT in Singapore looking around thinking 'If only everyone could hear what these girls were saying right now!'. F*CKS GIVEN is a guaranteed LOL, I promise you that much... and hey, you might even learn a thing or 3!


I'm sure you're all over this inspiring podcast by now... but if not, stop what you're doing and download it now! Taking a behind the scenes look at how some of the worlds biggest and best well known businesses and brands first started including Kate Spade, Airbnb, We Work, Instagram... the list is endless. Super digestable, inspiring and makes you want to get out there and DO IT!


If you havn't listened to this yet. Go. Leave. Start now. See you in 3 days. 


If you have your own small business or are looking to start one, You Creative Start is a must listen to. From Graphic design to wordsmiths to The Beach People. Jaharn Giles interviews some of Australia & NZ's biggest and best known creatives asking them all about their journey of starting their business, their challenges, their wins, any sneaky hot tips they have for everyone else and all other useful bits of information for small business to learn from. When I first discovered her podcast I went right back to the start and spent the next 2 weeks listening to each & every episode. An inspiring mid-afternoon pick me up, or a great one to listen to on your morning walk or commute to work!

Top 10 Inspiring podcasts for Self Isolation


If you are interested in learning about sustainability, our part that we play in this whole process and ways in which we can learn, change and adapt, then I would highly recommend listening to Claudia Alyso's 'The Cheeky Revolution'. Discussing tops such as 'Can we reverse Climate Change' to Self confidence, Anxiety & Motivation around the Global crisis through to interviewing Orsola De Castro (My favourite episode!). Light conversations touching on current issues of today with an eco-foundation. I promise you will learn a lot from Claudia and her guests.


Hosted by Alison Rice, these are open and honest conversations with people, generally 'in the public eye' from models to brand owners to celebrities. Alison has a lovely energy that comes through in the way that she talks to these people, opening up about real events, pivotal moments in their career to date and teaching us what inspires, motivates and gets them through both the tough times as well as onto the next creative opportunity. 

So, I've shared mine, now I would LOVE to hear yours! Please email me us at info@lalunarose.com, send us a DM on insta or leave a comment below! Stay safe, sanitized & sane, x

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